The Projects

Beyond the launch of this campaign and beyond institutional and political responses, we also need popular actions that shake up governments, that increase the culture of giving, with a race of fraternity and solidarity that allows access to health care for all.

We want to bring together people of different countries, religions and ages to work for the common good of those who today have no voice! A political action so that the vaccine is recognized as a common good and a concrete project -a symbolic action- for those in the world who do not have access to health care in times of COVID, because we believe that the good of others, even those we do not know, is our own good.

Learn about the ongoing project and previous actions

(2022) Action for rural India 

The project aims to promote a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of vaccinationidentify people most at risk because of particular situations of vulnerability in order to give them priority for vaccination; vaccinate 2,500 people through special mobile clinics and collaborate with local public health authorities for authorizations and procedures and data sharing with the national health system and the World Health Organization.


(2021) Prevention, vaccine and healthcare for the “ribeirinhos” of Amazonia 

Working with the Associação lar São Francisco de assis na providencia de Deus, which runs the hospital ship, we wanted to reach the most isolated communities of the Amazon; acquiring vaccines, Covid hygiene and virus protection kits, other electro-medical treatment supplies, protective equipment for treatment and post-Covid care, packages of basic foodstuffs to benefit the indigenous populations and residents along the banks of the Amazon river.


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