The Campaign

The Covid-10 pandemic is another confirmation of just how interconnected all the peoples of the world are, and how every local choice has a global impact too. The globalization surrounding us is not only economic, political, social or cultural, but it also involves our health.

The journeys and excursions normally part of our daily existence, have consequences, including the circulation of viruses.

That’s why a global ill, the Covid-19 virus, can only be overcome by a common good which is even greater: vaccination for all. In fact, we know that the virus will continue to circulate and will remain a risk, even for a vaccinated population.

To win the battle, everyone should be vaccinated. It’s just like in a family, where priority is given to the neediest member. So we who are promoting the “A Vaccine for All #DareToCare” campaign, want to give priority to the most vulnerable and those in most need in the planet, independently of their individual or national income.   

Fraternity involves concrete action. And that’s why we’re calling for access to vaccines, fruit of the work of the international scientific community, for every person on the planet in a universal, equal, free and timely manner.

We wish to promote proactive action in favour of nations experiencing barriers to healthcare. We challenge governments to exercize the internationalism of vaccines, the exact opposite of an inward-looking nationalism which can never overcome this virus.

We call for the development of production capacity and distribution of the vaccines to include the poorer countries of the globe.

At the same time, we are actively involved with a local health campaign. Find out more about the ongoing project here.

This “Vaccine for all” campaign is the initiative of Youth for a United World and the Movement for a Politics of Unity (Mppu) during the recent international United World Week event, emerging as a concrete expression of the ongoing #DareToCare awareness-raising project. It’s open to people of all ages, faiths and convictions, and to all groups and organizations who believe in the universal right to health care and the internationalism of vaccines.

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