A Right to care for all

We believe that health is a fundamental right of each and every human being.

We, therefore, want to reaffirm the universal right to care and the recognition of the dignity of every human being, in every corner of the world.

We want all people to have guaranteed access to health services, as an application of the fundamental right to life, which prioritises access for the poorest, implements medium and long-term projects that go beyond emergency responses, in a way that is shared with the many organizations that care for this across the world.


Vaccine: a global common good

In this time of pandemic, we are certain that a global common evil, such as the Covid-19 virus, can only be defeated with a global common good: vaccination, which is made accessible to all, prioritising the most vulnerable and the most in need across the planet, regardless of their individual or national income.

We, therefore, ask that every person on the planet have access to vaccines, the fruit of the work of the international scientific community, in a universal, fair, free and fast manner.

We encourage projects targeting nations lacking access to the various forms of treatment; we encourage governments to practice vaccine internationalism, which is the exact opposite of closed nationalism that can never defeat the virus. We encourage the developed of vaccine production capacity even in poor countries.

There is an urgent need to address the inequalities in access between citizens of high-income countries (one in four vaccinated) and poor and developing countries (one in five hundred vaccinated). This is the only way we can avoid the catastrophe of millions more deaths in the coming months and the serious risk to the entire world community, including high-income countries, due to the emergence of vaccines-resistant variants.

We mobilize a spirit of justice for universal access to vaccine through the temporary suspension of intellectual property rights and the transfer of know-how and supply chain necessary to increase production and distribution capacity in less developed countries. The international community must also assume this political responsibility by entering into agreements with pharmaceutical companies to ensure contracts with more generous quantities and prices for poor countries.

Our culture, however, is not to wait only for top-down solutions, but to roll up our sleeves and assume our responsibility. That is why, at the same time, we are mobilizing for a concrete project; a symbolic campaign for different populations; one at a time.


Ongoing project

The initiative began as a concretization of the #DareToCare pathway and was discussed during the “United World Week 2021” (1st – 9th May 2021). It is promoted by the Youth for a United World and by the Politics for Unity Movement, open to people of all ages, faiths, convictions, and to all organizations that believe in the universal right to care, the internationalism of vaccines and adhere to the campaign.

The ongoing project is oriented to a limited social and geographical reality, but precisely because of its concreteness, it wants be an initial response to one of the many fragile realities, in which we are already present and working, in a climate of trust and in work already in place. We are open to extending the action to other parts of the world with the same strength and effectiveness, to save lives and our mother earth.


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