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A global problem can only be overcome by a global common good: vaccination accessible to all, giving priority to the most vulnerable and needy in the world, regardless of their individual and national income.

Action for rural INDIA

Let’s help those without access to health care

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Let’s work together for the common good of those who today have no voice.
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India: 5,000 vaccinated. Kala’s experience

Kala was person #5000 in the vaccination program carried out by Shanti Ashram and supported by the "A Vaccine for All" campaign through the operational coordination of the AMU. The campaign's efforts continue thanks to the support of all donors. "I know I am...

India: Early reports

In India, the spread of the virus among the population immediately had serious consequences and many victims. The A Vaccine for All campaign therefore decided to target its second project (symbol-action) at the rural populations of India. This action resulted in 802...

The results of the social action supporting the riberinhos – Brazil

In Brazil, the first project (action-symbol) linked to the A Vaccine for All campaign titled Prevention, Vaccine and Healthcare for the riberinhos of Amazonia in support of the Covid19 care and prevention actions of the "Papa Francisco" hospital boat has concluded....

The distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in India has begun

In Coimbatore - India, the project next to the rural communities for the awareness and vaccination against Covid-19 has started and in these first weeks has already brought the first results.   The rural communities in India are those still strongly excluded from...

Second project “Action for rural India” kicks off.

The second landmark action of the "A Vaccine for all" campaign has begun and will involve rural populations in India, in collaboration with the aid organization Shanti Ashram and International Center for Child and Public Health.

Amazonia, small steps to reactivate care

Now that the government is dealing with the vaccination campaign, the hospital ship continues to provide assistance to the communities of riberinhos. The Brazilian government has also regularized the administration of vaccines to people living in the seven...

Amazonia, vaccinations for the Ribeirinhos have begun

Whilst continuing to support the people who have suffered greatly due to the recent floods, the hospital boat “Papa Francesco” has also started vaccinating people with doses provided by the local authorities. The latest floods in the lower Amazon region have severely...

Standing alongside the people in the Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon, particularly the Óbidos region, has been devastated by heavy rains that caused serious hardship to the people. However, since conditions have begun to improve, it has been possible to resume activities and reach communities with the assistance...

Incontro con il Ministro Speranza

Italian text - translation not available Il Ministro Speranza ai promotori della campagna "Un vaccino per tutti": "Massima attenzione su questi temi" Il Ministro della Salute, Roberto Speranza, ha incontrato una delegazione dei promotori della campagna internazionale...

The vaccine, a global asset

 “A Vaccine for All”, a worldwide campaign for global access to vaccines against Covid-19, kicked off today at 13.00 Italian time, along with a symbolic action to provide medical care and vaccinations to people living in the Brazilian Amazon Region. The campaign is...


Let’s work together for the common good of those who today have no voice.
Become a protagonist of the campaign by donating to the current project

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